One of the premier Democratic mail firms in the country, Mission Control has turned a commitment to creativity into a record of electoral success on behalf of Democratic and progressive candidates, organizations and campaigns. Rooted in the belief that paid political messaging must compete with all advertising that besieges consumers today, not just other political advertising, Mission Control’s uniquely creative approach blends fresh ads with a strict devotion to message discipline. This approach has helped Mission Control become the only firm to beat Republican incumbents in the House -- without the help of redistricting -- for five cycles in a row. And it has helped us win some of the biggest recent statewide campaigns in the country.

Of the 31 Republican seats that Democrats took control of in 2006, Mission Control handled print advertising in 13, and racked up four Congressional special election victories before producing mail for 13 of 22 seats to turn from red to blue in 2008. As the political environment soured for Democrats in 2009, we still helped guide both Scott Murphy and Bill Owens to tough special election victories in Republican districts. And in the dreaded 2010 cycle, we netted big wins helping elect 3 of the just 9 new Democrats to win a seat in Congress.

On the statewide level we helped Ted Strickland become Governor of Ohio and Ben Cardin become Maryland’s Senator in 2006, while working with EMILY’s List on behalf of Claire McCaskill in Missouri. In 2008 we helped Jay Nixon become Governor of Missouri, helped Kay Hagan beat Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina, and worked once again with EMILY’s List, this time to help Jeanne Shaheen knock off John Sununu. In one of the toughest climates to run as a Democrat in a generation in 2010, we also helped elect Dick Blumenthal to the US Senate and Andrew Cuomo to the Governor's Mansion.

Our legislative and muncipal experience is just as stellar. In 2007 we helped Democrats in Virginia take control of their state Senate and net historic gains in the House. We worked with Democrats in New York on the special elections in 2008 that pulled them to within one seat of a state Senate majority. And on the municipal level, we’ve helped to elect Mayors Bob Duffy in Rochester, Michael Nutter in Philadelphia, Stephanie Miner in Syracuse, Kasim Reed in Atlanta, and most recently in 2011, Sly James in Kansas City.

But the race the Mission Control team really wants to win most is the one that’s coming up next...

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